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About Our Express Grooming

Treat Your Pet operates the only kennel-free Grooming Salon in Myrtle Beach’s Grande Dunes area; take a look at the alternate option used at other Salons.


Most other Grooming Salons use what is called “Batch Grooming”; let’s take a look at their process:

  • Multiple dogs arrive at one time, and are placed in kennels; the dogs are left there until a Groomer or Bather is ready for that dog (possibly a few hours).

  • As a Groomer or Bather becomes available, a dog is given a bath, and then put into a special kennel with a fan or dryer attached to it (known as “cage dryers” or “kennel dryers”) so that the Groomers and Bathers can focus on other dogs without having to worry about the dog that is being dried.

  • Eventually, when the Groomer is available to start working on their next haircut, they will go and determine which dog is the most dry, and get the haircut started on that dog, without regard for how long any of the dogs have been there.

  • Depending on the Salon, this process may continue for other steps as well, and results in your dog being at the Salon for many hours – unattended, in a cage, and very anxious.



Now, compare that to Treat Your Pet’s kennel-free process:

  • You schedule (usually 4-9 weeks in advance) a private appointment time for the specific services you’d like to have done.

  • Arriving at your appointment time (or up to 5 minutes early), you speak to your Groomer or Spa Tech about updates to your pet’s health and wellness, as well as confirm the services that you’re scheduled for, and receive an estimated pick-up time (usually about 30 minutes to 2 hours after drop-off depending on your dog’s breed, energy level, size, coat type & condition, and the services you booked).

  • Next, we take your pet to the Spa and begin their bath.

  • Then your pet goes directly to a hand-drying station (towels and blow dryers are used by the team to ensure your pet is dried safely, comfortably, and quickly).

  • Next, your pet goes directly to the Salon where haircutting takes place.

  • Finally, as the appointment approaches 15 minutes until completion, we give you a call so that you can pick-up your pet ASAP.

  • Remember, we don’t have any kennels here, so it’s important that you pick them up quickly; we do charge a pet sitting fee if it takes more than 15 minutes after the appointment is complete for you to have them picked up.

About Expess Grooming

Our Grooming Policies

“No Show/Late Notice” definition:

Failure to reschedule or provide notice of cancellation by 4:00pm the DAY BEFORE your appointment.


No Show/Late Notice Policy:

  • We charge a fee equal to 50% of the services that you have booked for every No Show/Late Notice incident (e.g. If you have a $40 appointment booked, the fee is $20, and if you have a $100 appointment booked, the fee is $50). The appointment after a No Show/Late Notice incident must be booked and prepaid in person; prepaid appointments cannot be adjusted, cancelled, refunded, nor transferred.


Drop-Off Policy:

  • We’re 100% appointment based, so if you’re early it makes us late in getting the pet before yours back to their family; if you’re late, it reduces the time that we have to care for your pet.

  • Your scheduled appointment time (e.g. 9:00am) is the exact time that we’d like you to arrive to check-in your pet for our Express Grooming.

  • Being late by 5 minutes (or more), may require us to reduce the services that your pet can receive that day.

  • Being late by 10 minutes (or more) requires us to reschedule your appointment, and is considered a No Show incident (see above).

  • Why are we so strict about drop-off times?

    • We don’t have kennels, and we don’t have a group play area.

    • We don’t have the space, nor the extra staff, to act as a doggie day care.

Pick-Up Policy:

  • We are an Express Grooming Salon that is 100% kennel-free; our entire design is based on getting each pet back to their family as quickly as possible.

  • We charge a petsitting fee of $30/hour (half the rate charged at other Express Grooming Salons) if you do not pick-up your pet within 30 minutes of our "they're almost done" call.

  • Why are we so strict about pick-up times?

    • We don’t have kennels, and we don’t have a group play area.

    • We don’t have the space, nor the extra staff, to act as a doggie day care.

Grooming Policies
Request Appointment

request an Appointment

What grooming service are you requesting?
Please note that this form is for REQUESTING an appointment, and does not guarantee a specific day nor time; any requests must be verified by a Treat Your Pet employee.

The scheduling team will be in touch with existing clients ASAP to assist with scheduling an appointment. Please text (or email) us a photo of your pet's current Rabies Vaccination records, if you have not done so in the last 12 months. 843-582-4328
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